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Do you want to hassle-free launch, monetize and manage your own membership website? Brilliant Directories can help you to do this. With the help of amazing BD features, you can access anything required to create monetized directories and dominate the market.

Do you want to know what’s BD and how it can help you in this regard? Let’s have a look at the details below to understand things better.

What are “Brilliant Directories”?

This is a software service to help you design and monetize your business directory websites. This software has introduced an easier way for businesses to develop their unique business directory websites. Over time, it has expanded into a versatile software solution serving numerous businesses and organizations.

This software works as a lucrative tool even for young entrepreneurs to help them in their startup plans. BD feature list has made it more popular among its clients.

Features Of Brilliant Directories

Do you want to know what makes BD a more amazing software? Let’s have a look at its key features below to know more.

So, here we go:

1. Web page builder

With BD launching your directories website isn’t a time-consuming task anymore. The software provides you with an efficient webpage builder to accelerate the process in the best possible way.

2. Themes and directory of BD

BD has an easy, efficient, and quick directory setup. Most importantly, the availability of an easy-to-use directory setup and lucrative themes make it easier to use the platform for both experts and beginners alike.

3. Intuitive member management

A self-service and easier-to-use dashboard can help your clients to get started with your membership site. They can use this dashboard to check-in, publish content, check their contact details and more. From a member management dashboard, you can personalize your members from fields as per business requirements.

4. Rich email marketing templates

You can access more than 40 personalized templates of email marketing in BD. You can use the templates available for welcome emails, upgraded memberships, business campaigns, and more.

5. Publish any content type

You can publish any content type on BD. Its site-wide SEO editor can help your content stand out in search engines. Moreover, BD affiliates also help share your content across the internet for more visibility.

Brilliant Directories

Customer testimonials of Brilliant Directories

Here are some Brilliant Directories reviews from actual users to give you a better idea about what people think about Brilliant Directories.

So, here we go:

·         Hours of hassle saved

I have had a dream of developing a directory website. However, the amount of work required for this was discouraging me continuously. BD has taken all the worries and saved hours of work. Amazing product!

·         Amazing service

Suppose you want to get everything to build a directory site at the same place. No need to look at the software any further. BD is the best software to consider. Moreover, it can offer you anything required to create and monetize a directory website. You can even access tools to manage your clients, capture leads, and make a profit. Highly recommended!

·         Fantastic Software

Without even diving deep into the software, BD offers everything at a glance. Access to an extensive add-on marketplace is another hit of the software. It helps in filling the gap effectively. This software can be a gamechanger for numerous people, as it has been for me.   

Brilliant Directories

How much do Brilliant Directories cost?

The BD doesn’t offer any free tier. Its starter pack is available for $89.00 after a discount. It gives you access to all its bundle features along with digital downloads, 250 members, coupon codes, billing reminders, etc. However, if you aim at about 1000 members, purchase a license tier for $199.00 for a lifetime. It will include all the features of the starter pack with additional features. These include click-to-call, VAT & Tax manager, sitemap generator, article slider, and PPP.

$299.00 one-time purchase in license tier three is another option you can have. This plan can give you access to all advanced and primary features of BD.

Brilliant Directories

Why did you choose Brilliant Directories?

BD is one of the best tools for startups and professionals alike. Here are the reasons why you should prefer using BD.

  • This software is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any learning curve. Because of the simple and intuitive interface of the software, even a beginner can create and manage a top-notch directory website.

  • BD can help you to add social media marketing pages to your website to leverage social media marketing benefits. You can integrate BD into your social profiles to ensure that you won’t miss out on any marketing and networking opportunities.

  • With a decent range of Brilliant Directories themes available, you can quickly set up and run a directory website.

How to get an extra 10% discount for new users?

Are you new to Business Directories? You can get the opportunity of enjoying a 10% discount on the website. Follow these steps to avail your discount:

  • Visit the deal page of Brilliant Directories and wait for a moment here.
  • A 10% discount offer will pop-up at your screen.
  • Enter email to get exclusive deals in future as well and click continue.
  • You will get 10% new user discount at the end.  

The offer is valid for new users only.

Final thoughts

This software aims to cover its users’ entire needs and requirements regarding the setup and management of business directory sites. Due to the amazing feature range, ease of use, and high-security standards, everyone loves Business Directories. So, now you can use BD to save yourself from hours of working to create a directory site.



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