Why Is It So Hard To Make Money

Did you ever think about the rich and what made them be where they are? Well, we all do, and it isn’t any myth now that you can be born poor but can make your way up to the most successful ventures of your life. But why do most of us end up old without making any real achievement in our lives? Here are the top 15 reasons you find it so hard to make money.

Before you go ahead, let us think about why you can’t be rich? What is stopping you from being one? Do you have an idea? No, you don’t know the answers to these super simple questions. For the whole world, they are the same simple questions. They are the same people as you are but with only different mindsets and a strong and determined will to be over the top.

To be rich isn’t only about making more and more money. It’s a lot more than this. All people wish to be very rich, but dedicated people can make their dreams come true. Whereas the rest only stay where they were twenty years ago? Some reasons are mentioned below: why it is so hard to make money will explain why you find it so hard.

1. You Backup Your Failure By Giving False Excuses:

It’s your life only, and you are allowed to rule on it. Things do not just happen by random chances, but in real your acts and decisions play a very important role in all things, but you do not even realize it.

You always come up with reasons and excuses and start blaming your luck and others for your disappointments. Until you start taking responsibility for whatever you do, you can’t ever be rich!

It is always needed to know where you lack, where you need to improve, and how to drive yourself ahead.

2. You Lack The Strength To Make Commitments

One of the major mistakes people make is they are not committed to themselves. They move with the wind and never stop for a second for anything they need most. You can only wish and like to be rich, but when you look at yourself and your life, you will observe that you aren’t doing anything for yourself and your dreams to come true.

Once you feel this, the entire world will come ahead and join hands with you to be at your side. You just don’t worry make money with all these tips.

3. You don’t have the strength to focus:

We live a life that is full of hurdles and opportunities, but what matters a lot is how you start interpreting them. One setback can make you step away from going ahead. That isn’t how rich to be should act. If you do not focus on the opportunities and keep focusing on the failures, you will not ever be rich.

You will always take failures as difficulties, while rich people will take them as strong stepping stones towards their dreams and realities. It would help if you changed your mindset and you are halfway through.

Why Is It So Hard To Make Money

4. You are not aiming to be rich:

You might have already heard numerous times that you can attract anything and everything in your life only by thinking enough about it. The Law of attraction is no joke, and you can attract things in life only by thinking and aiming about them hard. If you are happy with your lifestyle and only wish to make money, you can never be rich.

You will have to have a stronger will and a higher thought process that tells you to do everything you can to make your wishes come true. Rich people don’t just settle for all the things they have got from the world around them.

But in fact, they keep on craving for more. They are never satisfied with things you have satisfied for so and easily, and this is why they are rich and why is it so hard to make money for you.

5. Feelings of Envy:

Instead of appreciating and looking on the brighter side of somebody’s success, you are trying to find loopholes to put them down. Most People envy others, and they never appreciate someone for their success. This is one of the main reasons someone else has reached wherever you wished to be. Always remember, you cant reach anywhere being all alone on the road. It would help if you had like-minded people around you, and having them by your side will help you reach your goal a lot smoother.

If you stop thinking of their magnificence and place the jealousy aside, you will learn from their story and move a step ahead to your success. This is the secret to success that you will have to walk along with some other people and always keep an eye on appreciating the rest so that you are making many dreams come true at the same time.

6. Thinking of Why I can’t?

You do not think this way. You believe that all other rich people are doing is something not from this world, and you can not all be similar. You don’t need to learn from them, and you feel a lot more contended in adorning them. This is where you are getting off the track.

You must spend time with some of the best people around you and then start thinking when can do it why can’t I? you need to see that they have the same 24 hours in a day that you have, and you can make them mean the way they have made for themselves.

7. Limelight:

People never focus on promoting themselves, and they are always trying to stay away from all of the limelight and practice their modesty. They have to be down to earth instead of showing off what they have in store. Most of the rich persons also have tricks to publicize and promote what they have for the entire world through your love to stay in the shell you have made for yourself forever.

You will have to think of yourself as an important person, come out from the shell, and promote all the skills and personality you have been blessed with. This is one top reason why is it so hard to make money.

Why Is It So Hard To Make Money

8. Your goals are not as big as your wishes:

Setting high goals is essential. You can’t be rich if you will not set lofty goals. You can not land among individuals you wish to be with. Your only aim is to be good at your workplace, college and it bothers me that you don’t think of competing with a bigger platform. When you are not thinking big, you are not setting yourself on a bigger platform, not your dreams.

Hence, you will have to start making bigger goals that challenge your skillset and mental capability to achieve anything big in life. Also, your Social media marketing goals must be flexible because people make most of the money with the help of a good marketing strategy.

9. Problems seem bigger than you:

You accept as true that your problems are bigger than your happiness, and you’re just so positive about that. You never like the idea that things won’t always go as smoothly as you want for yourself. You resent instead of finding the greatness in what opposed your way. Your reaction towards problems and behavior determines how you wish your life to be.

You can think your way out of your problems by changing your mindset towards everything. This is your way, and you are fleeing, and you have full authority to change it and live it however you want to.

10. You Lack Proper Money management:

You may or may not be that perfect at money management. It always plays a very important role in being rich, and you can not just rush to what you wish to have and what you like. When you do not take money seriously, you will end up with many interest and credit cards.

This points you a lot more away from the forgotten dream of being rich. Hence, you should be using your extra money very effectively and intelligently so that it can ease away from your path as an alternative of increasing all of those hurdles in it.

You should be mindful of where you are spending your money and if the expenditure is worth the cost or not. This is one main reason why is it so hard to make money.

11. You Accumulate wealth:

Why Is It So Hard To Make Money

If you got rich accidentally, you would pile up all the wealth. And your wealth stays only as bank decoration and does not turn into something great. You keep collecting the wealth and never use it the way it must be.

You should start investing money, and if you want to be rich, you will need to do it asap. Rich people don’t only sit and make more money all the time. They work hard and strive to be on the top and stay there as long as possible.

12. Wealth:

When you start making money, you will consider how much you are earning annually instead of the net worth. Your money is a mix of your savings, investments, cost of savings, and incomes. But you will keep thinking that your existing wealth is only what you made last year.

That is one great way to put your aspirations down and start thinking low of yourself. You are always more than what you think of your existence, and you are only a mindset away from making your dreams a reality.

13. You are a Bad receiver:

When someone compliments you, you always try to compliment those people back. You are not just accepting what you are getting and rich to return it an equally great compliment. You should stop doing this at once! When somebody compliments you, you simply accept it, say thanks, and move forward.

You should stop trying to return it. You are in complete freedom to feel well-intentioned of what you are getting. Once you have started feeling worthy of getting a huge amount of money, you definitely will get it one day. And that is just how it works. This is one top reason why it is so hard to make money.

14. Fear:

Though stated as the lowest option, fear is the biggest factor stopping people from acquiring their dreams. Your fear of failure is ruling on you. You can not afford to lose. This is one of the most important reasons why it is so hard to make money for you, and you won’t even notice it for once.

Fear is a real setback in your life. Fears don’t ever go away, but you may feel this fear and still keep on doing what you want to do. You need always to tame the beast of fear and stay in control.

15. Not Enough performance pay:

You are working for a fixed income that you always get, no matter you work enough for it or not. It only disgraces not only you but your skills along with your probability of moving forward. When you know you will get the reward, even if you work for it or not, your brain will tune itself into not working much for it at all.

We are made to work hard and get the reward mindset, and this is the only way that makes us work hard, i.e., to achieve something because of the hard work we did.

You feel happy about having a permanent job nevertheless of performance. The wealthy community won’t ever do that. They always work overpay on a performance basis. This work mode keeps them motivated. It also helps them to be better day by day. You will also have to tune your brain into this thinking if you want to get rich someday. You can just learn the art of making money plenty once you set yourself on this path.

Why Is It So Hard To Make Money

Final Words:

These are some of the reasons why is it so hard to make money for you and it is so hard for other rich people. People waste too much time thinking rather than learning and executing their valuable plans. The winning ingredient of online success is Action, but people fail because they don’t want to take them. If you need to be getting richer every passing day, you will have to work for it accordingly. Many people would tell you to stop and give up on your dreams.

But it is you who is always in control of your life and can steer it according to your wishes. You can even learn how to make more money as a social worker as it is also one great way to keep moving ahead.



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