Is Social Media Marketing Dead

Most People think is social media marketing dead? Here’s how you can move on the best strategy

Social media is a place that we all log into every other minute of the day, and it is one of the most important platforms for socializing with others and getting new information. You may have seen a lot of advertisements and product ads coming up on your feed on any social media site that seems too relevant to ignore as well.

This is what is known as social media marketing. There are many ways to market your brand and make it visible to your potential customers interested in the products or services you are selling.

Due to the popularity of social media sites, social media marketing has been a norm for a good long while now. Often, we reach on google pop up as ads on our social media platforms. Social media marketing is very abundantly being done to find the right customer base for the products or services that a business is selling.

A few social media users also get offended by these popping ads and hence stop using these platforms to avoid the ads altogether. But can we think that this small number of people ending their journey on social media means marketing on these platforms has its end? Well, before we move ahead, we must get check some stats:

Is social media becoming an old story?

Let us see the answer of is social media marketing is dead? According to the stats of social media marketing usage: 

  • 4.55 billion media users in 2022 are there in total.
  • Social media platforms are used by 57.6% of the population in the world. 
  • From 2017 to 2021, this total number of users raised by 7.2% annually 
  • From 2021 to 2022, it is thought to plateau. It is forecasted to increase by 3.9%

Hence, based on this data, you can see that stats represent a growing trend and consumers’ reliance on social media platforms. And this is a clear opportunity for businesses to use social media marketing opportunities worldwide. 

How To Make Your Social Media Marketing Effective?

For 40 plus years, the greatest brands were majorly focused on their creative excellence. The heated, beaten, and treated communication that had to craft ideal messages pushed these messages out through many shotguns methods.

Awareness won’t relate alone in any way to extraordinary financial performance. It would help if you thought of your content as a good opportunity for your brand voice to live anywhere you aren’t. 

How To Make Your Social Media Marketing Effective

Create the content that is ideally share-worthy:

Millennials have a huge peer affirmation theme, and they will share only what interests them and not what other companies want them to be sharing. The idea of your content being share-worthy is nothing as new. Marketers used to boost sharing by word of mouth while we talked about word of mouth.

The share is not an anomaly. We have just moved from advertising ideas to ideas that are worth advertising. Treat your content in a way that ensures your messaging is ideally meaningful to your audience. 

Uniqueness And Meaningfulness Will Bring More Sustained Brand Success:

In the coming future, the most successful brands will bring active participants to form more content on behalf of the brand, at their time and expenses than the brand which creates for its benefit. The main key to this content is maintaining its uniqueness and its meaningfulness. 

Don’t Consider Social Media To Be Just A Vacuum:

We are there for social media to run, and consumers are the people due to which social media is still a big deal to the world. It won’t be running on its own, and you will have to think of it as one part of your marketing strategy.

Think of how you can grow your social media marketing in your entire marketing strategy. How is content marketing fitting with it? SEO, online ads, and other advertising channels are where you can run your specialized ads and let your consumers see your products and services through the channels they are using the most.

Social Media Allows Brands To Reach Their Customers And Not Another Way Round:

Having the opportunity not to have to call your customers to your shop but instead reach out and market your products and services anywhere your customers rely on is just great. You can reach out to your potential audience who spend most of their time online. 

Social media marketing is not a single or unit platform. Targeting the marketing efforts will greatly be dedicated to your audiences. In the world of social media marketing, you will always find new and rising media falling into the category of social media platforms. You will have to be smart enough to move your marketing tactics to these platforms.

For example, the recent advent in the SM world that is TikTok. Those who were the early adopters of this platform have found out how to leverage it already has its rewards. If you need a basic overview of the very popular SM sites currently in use, you may find it from any top social media marketing agency.

Social media marketing a strategic approach (pay to play):

It would help if you thought about your devised strategy that is sharp enough to bring more customers and make more sales. You can not be only reactive to all that is happening. But instead, you also have to be the trendsetter.

Bring something unique and be a true representative of your marketing tactics. You are always on the verge of creating a new trend wave, and all you need is the right ingredients of uniqueness and usability in your products and services and their marketing tactics.

If you are also asking, is social media marketing dead, then here is the answer: it is still thriving with the same intensity and energy.  To grow your brand through social media marketing, you will have to find a common issue with social media marketing plans and fix them.

Social media marketing a strategic approach


The very recent change has been an authentic and personal experience. Not only is this what the general public is searching for, but the networks have also responded to a lot more changes on their feeds to highlight it as one on one interaction.

When we get a deeper look at social media marketing business trends, it is obvious that a lot has already changed, while those that don’t change along with the circumstances have to face its consequences.

So, what do you think? Is social media marketing dead? To make it work for you, your Social media marketing goals must be flexible because they are the ones that will make your marketing plans any useful.



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