How many LinkedIn prospect invitations can you send per week? Probably, 100. Also, you have to handle all the hard lifting of the lead generation manually. Want to know what your competitors are doing?

Most of your competitors are using tools to break the barrier of the LinkedIn invitation sending limit, and they are sending 700 invitations per week instead of 100. Also, they are not doing these manually. They are using automation for LinkedIn and email to generate more leads. Want to know about the tool?

Say hello to Waalaxy.

In this article, you will learn what Waalaxy is. Also, learn how it can help you boost your lead generation process for LinkedIn and email and get more things done in less time.

What is Waalaxy?

Waalaxy is a lead generation, CRM, and sales booster tool. And it allows you to generate more leads and messages from your prospects through automation. If you are working with a team, now you can monitor your team’s performance as well.

Waalaxy is an alternative to Lemlist. Whether you are Freelancers, small businesses, lead gen agencies, or someone looking for an alternative to Lemlist may find Waalaxy super beneficial to your needs.

It allows you to retrieve the professional email addresses of your prospects with powerful automation. Also, let you send up to 700 LinkedIn invitations to your prospects.


Waalaxy comes with a ton of features. Some of the popular features are-

  • Send Invitations

LinkedIn’s prospect invitation is limited to 100 per week. With Waalaxy, you can break this limit. Now you can send up to 700 invitations to your prospects each week.

  • Order and filter lists

A list full of prospects is difficult to organize. With Waalaxy, you can organize your prospect list with ease. Also, you can segment lists using the title, company, region, language, tag, and more criteria.

  • Automation

Waalaxy lets you automate a variety of tasks, starting from invitations to import profiles and follow-up messages. Now you can put any task on autopilot and make things easier.

  • CRM Synchronization

Monitoring your team is crucial for growth. Now you can connect Waalaxy with your favorite CRM and monitor their progress with ease. Waalaxy synchronizes your CRM data automatically.

  • Emails finder

With Waalaxy, finding your prospect’s email address is easier than ever. All you have to do is integrate with Dropcontact. Just combine and experience the magic.

Click here to learn more about Waalaxy features.

How much does Waalaxy cost?

Break the barrier of the LinkedIn invitation limit and send up to 700 invitations a week to your prospects. With Waalaxy, you can get more things done in less time with automated lead generation using LinkedIn and email. Get access to Waalaxy with 3 different pricing plans- Pro, Advanced, and Business.

The Pro plan starts at 21 Euros per month. This plan offers – Lots of LinkedIn features, 280 invitation quotas per week, and Live chat with real humans 6/7d.

And the Business plan will cost you 64 Euros per month. This plan comes with LinkedIn + Emails features, 700 invitation quotas per week, CRM Synchronization, Auto-imports of LinkedIn profiles, Emails finder, and friendly support.

Walaaxy Review

Waalaxy lifetime deal

Do you want to get rid of monthly subscriptions? If so, I have good news for you. There is a lifetime deal available for Waalaxy on the AppSumo marketplace for your limited time. So yes, this ideal time to get Waalaxy and boost your lead generation speed.

Get Waalaxy at a one-time purchase of 59 USD only.

This lifetime deal comes with-

  • Lifetime access to Waalaxy.
  • LinkedIn and email features.
  • 700 invitations sent weekly per seat.
  • CRM synchronization through Zapier and Integromat.
  • Easy sharing of prospect lists.
  • Anti-duplicate management.
  • Multi-account management.
  • Admin capabilities.
  • Auto imports of LinkedIn profiles.
  • Export from one account to another.
  • Email finder via Dropcontact, and much more.


  • The lifetime deal is awesome.
  • Lots of automation options.
  • Waalaxy let you send up to 700 LinkedIn Prospect invitation each week.
  • Organize and segment data with ease.


  • The CRM Synchronization feature is not available on the Pro plan.


Finally, Waalaxy seems a great tool to boost lead generation, team productivity, and sales. It automatically imports the LinkedIn profiles of your prospect. And now you can get this incredible tool with a lifetime deal. However, the deal is available for a limited time only. So be sure to get yours before it’s gone.



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