The engineering process is a set of steps engineers take to solve the problem. This involves identifying the goal, determining constraints, designing and building, as well as testing. This is an integral component of every project at TWI. It helps us ensure that our projects are in compliance with the highest standards for safety and performance. This is especially important for New York City project as they must meet strict specifications.

Students investigate the issue to better understand the issue and gather information. It’s an open-ended, student-centered method that shifts the focus of the classroom away from the traditional science curriculum.

At this point, students come up with ideas on how they can solve the issue. This can be done by using software, whiteboard writing or discussions. Some ideas may not work, but that’s okay because it gives them the opportunity to test other ideas and discover the best solution.

After analysing and brainstorming the results, the team chooses the best solution to design and construct. This could be printed on paper, using CAD software, or by creating the creation of a prototype that is physical or virtual. This is an exciting step for students because they can create something tangible that will help students to test their ideas.

Engineers have to be mindful because they are governed by constraints like time, cost, tools, and resources. Engineers must also keep in mind that their solutions should be safe and effective so that they can be utilized in the real world.



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